RoomSketcher Home Designer

RoomSketcher Home Designer

RoomSketcher Home Designer | Home Developer is a powerful and incredibly easy-to-use floor plan and home design tool. Choose to draw your floor plan on your computer or Mac, or down load the tablet iphone app and draw on the go.

  • Make your floor plan - Draw your {wall space|surfaces|wall surfaces}, and add doors and windows
  • Furnish and Beautify - Add flooring, {wall structure|wall membrane} finishes and furniture
  • Imagine in 3D using pictures, and upgrade your {membership|registration|ongoing} to create floor {programs|strategies|ideas}, 3D Photos and view in Live {THREE DIMENSIONAL|3 DIMENSIONAL|3D IMAGES}

{Ground|Flooring|Floors} Plan and Home {Style|Design and style} Tool

Home Designer is packed with loads of {wonderful features|amazing features|great benefits} to meet your floor plan and home design needs. Whether you want to play around with the furniture in your home, negotiate with a contractor, or you are providing floor {programs|blueprints|packages} and 3D visualization to real estate or home design clients, this is the home design and floor plan tool for you.

All the RoomSketcher features are {user friendly|simple to operate} and understand so you can get started {immediately|right away}. The drag-and-drop user interface makes drawing walls and adding windows, doors and furniture simple. Try different {wall structure|wall membrane} and furniture layouts easily, change the colors and finishes on walls, ceiling and floors and view them in 3D! {The|Each of our} Live 3D feature, allows you to fly over and walk around your floor plan as if you are actually there. Once your floor plan or home design is complete, share it easily with your friends and family or your {customer|consumer} and contractor. {There is|There isn't a} better or easier way to visualize a property or home design project!

{Adored|Cherished|Liked} by personal and business users {worldwide|around the globe|across the world}. Get {began|started out} creating your floor plan or home design today with RoomSketcher!

Easy {Ground|Flooring|Floors} Plan & Home {Style|Design and style} Tool

Start by {pulling|painting|getting} your walls. Then, {drag-n-drop|drag & drop} to add windows, {doorways|entry doors|gates}, stairs, and furniture. {Useful|Convenient|Helpful} measurement and guidelines give accurate results.

RoomSketcher-Easy-Floor-Plan-Home-Design-Too Provide with Real Products

Provide your floor plans with ease. Add kitchen {cupboards|units|cabinetry}, appliances, bath fixtures, and furniture. Just drag and drop furniture and materials into the floor plan for correct placement. Select from thousands of name brand and generic products.

Decorate with Ease

Select room finishes and match paint colors - RoomSketcher has hundreds of great finishes for walls, ceiling and floors to choose from, or create your own color {with the|with this} custom color picker.

{Imagine|Picture|See} in 3D

With RoomSketcher you work in easy-to-understand 2D and visualize in 3D. Use Snapshots to preview your design in 3D, and upgrade to remodel {your chosen|your selected} Snapshots into stunning 3D Photos and Home360s. Create high-quality SECOND and 3D Floor {Programs|Strategies|Ideas} and view your design in Live 3D.

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